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Nextel Radio Ads
Nextel Get Right 5000 Rate Plan
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Nextel i50SX Phone
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National Campaign

Objective - Stimulate sales of a newly introduced Nextel phone and drive foot traffic to Nextel retail store locations.


Strategy - Promote a special edition phone and limited time offers while capitalizing on the multi-functionality offered by Nextel. Target potential customers with a wide-ranging, multi-pronged campaign.


Tactics - Pair the special edition transparent-covered phone with a matching Swiss Army Knife, reinforcing the characteristics of quality and function. Employ a highly geo-messaged direct response piece as the primary medium. Support the direct initiatives with broad-based advertising and in-store reminders.

Work - MicroMarketing/Segmenting, Media Plan & Buy, Direct Mail, Print Advertising, and Point-of-Purchase Counter Card & Poster.

Of Note - The campaign successfully produced new i90c customers beyond campaign objectives.

Nextel Solution Kiosk
(Back in the day before touch screen)

Objective - Improve the customer experience in Nextel retail stores by providing them with an interactive, quick and easy way to determine which wireless service or product best meets their needs.

Strategy - Engage and aid customers with a non-electronic, interactive display that would drive purchase of data services such as mobile email, web, two-way messaging, AOL instant messenger, and customized tools.


Tactics - Create a simple yes/no questionnaire to guide customers to the most appropriate product. Implement the questionnaire in an interactive form that instantly tells customers which solution is right for them. Icons and colors were created to represent the various data services. Color coordinate the take-ones to match the appropriate data services question. Present the questionnaire within an eye-catching, compact countertop kiosk and include a series of take-ones that provided more information and outlined step-by-step directions for using each of the products.

Work - Interactive Kiosk and Point-of-Purchase Poster, Counter Card & Take Ones

Of Note - Both versions of kiosks became a primary component to the Nextel store merchandising system.

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