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Zoo New England


Develop name, visuals and positioning of both the bird show and snake exhibit. Highlight these two features as the primary messages for the majority of pieces executed. Strategically blanket the region with messaging to maximize effective exposure and resulting consumer interest.


Name and brand both features. Design illustrations and name treatments, creating eye-catching, dramatic icons to be used throughout the campaign. Script and produce radio commercials to convey excitement in a way that appeals to children and adults. Capitalize on the non-profit status of both Zoos to establish partnerships with radio and online outlets and optimize cost efficiency of media.

Billboards, City Transit Taxi Cab Toppers, Print, Radio, Mobile Ads & Event Planning
ZOO NE Lord of the Wings
00:00 / 00:30
ZOO NE Slitherinn
00:00 / 00:30
ZOO NE Inner Wildebeest
00:00 / 00:10
ZOO NE Tropical Forest
00:00 / 00:10
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